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It is not located exactly on crossroads, but rather /between two streams, through a perfect symbiosis between the flavor of the years and new modern lines, drawn on white ranges, with a light effect and its shadow play. Enjoy without being rushed and take your pleasure seriously.

Casa Blanco, formerly known as Palacete de las Sendas, used to be an old mansion. It was abandoned by relatives of one of the most influential families in the Cadiz providence, and after our hotel group took over, the reconstruction was based on the use of materials once featured in the old mansion. But we have added a modern twist, so our guests can enjoy a stay where you won´t miss anything.

We have seven rooms, on two floors. They all grant an easy and comfortable stay, and from them, you will be able to experience the southern-most town of the European continent. Here you can see the African coast, and some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. From Casa Blanco there is only a five minute stroll to the beautiful beaches of Tarifa, our restaurants and shops in ancient streets that exude the atmosphere of a lively town. One that might tempt you to stay, and never leave.

Our commitment is to make each guest feel special, and to fulfil their wishes. Our commitment is to be supportive, consistent, respectful, tolerant, and professional. Our commitment is to give our customers what we would expect to receive, if we were the guests.